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Created thousands of energy-tech jobs in Missouri—jobs that can never be outsourced

Fought to protect our families from the toxic hazards of the radioactive West Lake Landfill

Honored our local veterans with tributes that became a national standard

Guided by his Midwestern values of hard work, faith, and determination, Byron is ready to put our families first again. Read more


Byron DeLear has a proven track record of running job-creating, clean-energy programs that do not cost taxpayers a single dime. Currently, Missouri leads the entire Midwest in clean energy job growth, adding 13,000 Missouri jobs in the last year alone. As your State Representative, Byron will continue to use his expertise to create more good-paying, American jobs that can't be outsourced. Read more

State Rep. Bill Otto endorses Byron DeLear for State Representative; believes is 'right man for the job'

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February 9, 2016
By Travis Zimpfer

BRIDGETON, Mo. – Missouri State Representative Bill Otto will announce his endorsement of candidate Byron DeLear for the seat he currently holds in the State House of Representatives this Wednesday at the Grand Opera House in St. Charles, MO at 6pm. Otto is running for U.S Congress in Missouri's 2nd Congressional District to oppose Rep. Ann Wagner. Otto and DeLear have worked alongside the community action group Just Moms STL and local residents in the City of Bridgeton to call attention to the radioactive West Lake Landfill and underground fire burning in an adjacent landfill. The underground fire, which threatens to incinerate the Manhattan Project-era nuclear waste, has propelled this environmental issue into the national media.

Bill Otto and Byron DeLear"Byron has worked hard to learn the various nuances regarding the radiologically impacted material at the landfills," said Otto. "It is vital that we have a representative for the 70th [District] that understands the need to make this the number one issue for the local community and region. I believe Byron DeLear is the man for the job. If Byron and I are successful, we will have an opportunity to have every level of government surrounding the landfills working for a safe and permanent solution."

Otto, a Navy veteran and former air traffic controller, has emphasized the need for balance in Congress and increasing opportunities for working class families that are essential for the vitality of our nation.

DeLear, a clean-energy executive, has also been vocal about the need for prioritized funding for our schools, Medicaid expansion, and finding creative ways to stimulate economic development through innovative legislation and infrastructure investment.

"Five years ago I helped pass clean-energy legislation in Jefferson City that is now creating good-paying, American jobs—and these jobs can't be outsourced," stated DeLear. "There is absolutely a constructive role for public-private partnership, particularly with revenue neutral initiatives like PACE clean-energy. This is a law that helps folks save on their energy bills, is good for the environment, and in the coming years will attract tens of millions in infrastructure investment for Missouri."

DeLear's campaign event this Wednesday is being hosted by local leaders in clean energy and labor.