Midwestern Roots

Byron at 3 years of ageByron was raised in St. Louis County, Missouri. He attended middle school and high school at The Principia where his mother Wilma taught music and his father Walter taught voice, financial planning, and investments.

Byron playing football at The Principia, 1983 Byron was active with various student organizations and excelled in athletics, being an All-ABC League Football player his Junior year ('83) and making the St. Louis First All-Metro Team his Senior year ('84). One of Byron's most enriching experiences was representing St. Louis and the United States during his Senior year as an attendee at an international gathering of students in Vancouver, Canada.

Byron has deep family roots in the Midwest and Missouri. His grandfather, Walter DeLear Sr., and great-grandfather, James Lear, were both born in Knox County, Missouri, and Byron's grandmother, Letha Wynkoop Cole, was born in Eudora in Polk County along with twelve brothers and sisters. Byron's late mother, Wilma Ruth DeLear, was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and raised in Norman, Oklahoma.

Young Byron on left with parents, Wilma and Walter DeLearThe DeLear family has always held the Midwestern values of hard work, faith, and determination close to their hearts.

Fathers Day, Springfield, MO 2015After high school, Byron attended Berklee College of Music in Boston before becoming a media producer in the entertainment industry. Byron worked for 20th Century Fox and has been a writing and publishing member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for more than two decades.

A Call to Action

 Listening at the Euphrates Institute After working for twenty years as a media producer, the events of 9/11 inspired a profound change in Byron's life focus. In the weeks and months following the attack, he recalled a phrase his father used to say to him as a little boy: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." Byron decided to devote his time and energy towards making a lasting difference in the world.

Byron has worked on conflict resolution initiatives, volunteered with various nonprofits, and run for office. He is proud to have served on Parkway School District's "Project Parkway Subcommittee on Differentiation and Depth of Knowledge," and as Chairman of the Board for the Euphrates Institute, a nonprofit educational organization which features student fellowships to the Middle East to help foster understanding between the West and Middle East.

Two of Byron's most rewarding experiences were participating in the Mentorship Program at Curtis Bishop Middle School in Wellston and co-developing a curriculum for at-risk youth with educator T.H. Culhane at Jefferson High School in Los Angeles.

Spearheading a New Job-Creating Industry

Byron teaching Urban Future class at Fanning Middle School in the City of St. Louis In 2007, Byron moved back to his hometown of St. Louis County and began laying the groundwork for expanding Missouri's clean-energy industry. He is a founding incorporator of the Missouri Association of Accredited Energy Professionals and current CEO of Energy Equity Funding, LLC. MAAEP was instrumental in helping organize contractors within Missouri's Renew Missouri Lobby Day, Jefferson City, 2010clean-energy industry. On behalf of MAAEP, in 2010 Byron helped build the coalition to pass PACE clean-energy legislation by testifying in Jefferson City and conducting educational sessions at the Capital and around the state to various stakeholder groups.

Byron currently designs and administers clean-energy programs in the Midwest including the nationally recognized Set the PACE St. Louis program. Grandad's quoteSet the PACE St. Louis completed the second largest PACE clean-energy project in the United States in 2015—a $2.4mm comprehensive energy-efficiency retrofit on the Missouri Athletic Club. These clean-energy programs create good-paying jobs for electricians, insulators, carpenters, pipefitters, and laborers—and these are jobs thatTempest Distillery project kickoff can't be outsourced because they are improving our infrastructure here at home. Additionally, because PACE clean-energy programs use private funding sources, they do not cost taxpayers a single dime.

Currently, Missouri leads the entire Midwest in clean-energy job growth adding 13,000 jobs in the last year alone.

As your State Representative, Byron will continue to use his experience to build a strong economy for Missouri, prioritize funding for K-12 education, make healthcare more affordable, and guarantee equal pay for women. Read about the issues and Byron's priorities.

Coffee Group giving thumbs up with Byron DeLear