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This Week in Missouri Politics with Byron DeLear–ABC 30, August 14, 2016
Panel discussions on 2016 Missouri governor's race and vote to renew 1/10 of a cent sales tax for state parks and soil & water conservation

Byron DeLear on This Week in Missouri Politics
This Week in Missouri Politics with Byron DeLear–ABC 30, February 14, 2016

Panel discusses the possibility of Missouri joining the National Popular Vote Compact and the presidential primary elections on both sides

Andidote–TheLipTV2, Episode 35 with host Michael Parker interviewing Byron DeLear, Nov. 9, 2015: Radioactive St. Louis: West Lake Landfill Nuclear Waste & Liability

Nuclear Hotseat Podcast #237, Jan. 6, 2016: West Lake Politics, Update w/Byron DeLear or view transcript of interview

Nuclear Hotseat Podcast #228, Nov. 3, 2015: West Lake Nuclear Political Hot Potato—Byron DeLear on Legal Issues, Mimi German on Radiation Monitoring